Consultancy Service

As Brokers we are not captive to any one company which means we are required to sell any Insurance company or any product. We bring value by saving time, money and energy shopping for affordable insurance policies.

Risk Identification

It is our responsibility to do a detailed assessment of risks in order to build a comprehensive risk profile of your business. Where an insurance program already exists, a review of uninsured risks will be done and reported to you. Please this service attracts no fee.

Insurance Audit

Audit functions in Insurance are positioned to play a significant role in further improving risk management practices and helping to deliver sustainable change. We perform an audit to ensure you have paid no more or less than the appropriate premium for your exposure. 

Based on underwriting information obtained, we shall meet with you prior to renewal dates to agree on scope of cover and claim experience to be better able to negotiate renewal terms that best suits your needs. This we do, at least 2 months prior to renewal date. We shall also finalize policy wordings, process premium payments; agree to claims procedures and again provide an overview of uninsured risks

risk control

One very important means of getting insurers to offer products at a minimum rate is level of perceived risks. It is therefore important that clients are advised and monitored to abide by industry prescribed risk mitigating measures to control and to prove to insurers that policy holders are committed to continuous improvement in the area of risk management and control. K&A will be there to work with you throughout the year to ensure that you attract reduced rates.

relationship plan

We will partner you by keeping an open line of communication through the year to ensure that risks and insurance related issues are efficiently dealt with.

Key benefit to this relationship is our ability to exhaustively and expertly manage clients’ claim and ensure appropriate settlement is made. Process involves gathering of claim documents, negotiating classes of claims and until cheques are issued to clients. At K&A, we understand our responsibility and so we discharge with professionalism.


This is a key function of the broker who is an intermediary between the Insurer and the Insured. All terms and rates for renewal or new policies are negotiated by us with your peculiar needs in mind.

Insurance Products

Motor Insurance Policy


1. Comprehensive Cover
2. Third Party Cover
3. Third Party Fire and Theft


Contractors All Risk (CAR)

This policy offers comprehensive and adequate protection against loss or damage in respect of contract works arising from the execution of civil or building project.

Contractors Plant and Machinery (CPM)

This policy offers insurance of contractors’ plant, machinery and equipment on an annual basis.

Erection All Risk (EAR)

This policy offers coverage during construction/ erection of machinery, plant and steel structures involving little civil and building works.

Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)

This is an “All Risks” type of cover providing comprehensive protection to the Owner as well as the Hirer as – the operator, the lessor and the maintainer.

Machinery Insurance (MI)

This policy acts as an accident insurance and provides cover against unforeseen and sudden physical damage to insured’s plant, machinery and mechanical installations.


This policy covers loss or damage to property caused by fire, lightning and explosion.

Fire and Allied Peril

The cover for this policy is wide and offers the insured indemnity for loss resulting from the occurrence of Fire and may be taken to cover both buildings and their contents.

Assets All Risk

This policy protects the asset base of an organization. Thus it protects the building(s) against fire, the impact of flood, earthquake, windstorm, burst pipe, riot strike, civil commotion, aircraft or articles dropped from it, and malicious damage.

Marine Insurance

Marine Hull

This policy covers the ocean moving vessels against perils of the sea.

Marine Cargo

This policy insures one’s cargo against all types of losses that may occur and it ensures that both imports and exports are safe. It also covers air cargo and other types of freight.

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